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A complete guide to the Agricultural Science IIS Project + SEC Corrected Project

The Agricultural Science IIS Report is worth 100 marks (25%) and the written examination is worth 300 marks (75%).

As the project is worth 1/4 of your final grade, we want to help you achieve your best before you sit your written paper.

Our resources:


- An ebook including a guide + a SEC Corrected IIS Ag Science Project

You will receive a complete guide on what to include in the project and how to complete it, insights into what the examiner is looking for, examples of the examiners markings and images of a SEC marked and graded high H2 project (89/100 marks).

-An ebook only of a SEC Corrected IIS Ag Science Project

To avail of our valuable project guide and SEC corrected project, click the 'Store' link through the menu at the top right hand corner.

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